My Pup and My Guitar


Welcome to Roter Guitars! My name is Roter and this my pup Frankie G. He is some kind of terrier mix, really not sure exactly what but what I do know is he is the best dog I’ve ever met! All I need in life is my little buddy Frankie G and my guitar. I’ve been playing since I was 10 years old (I’ll let you guess how many total years that means). I am trying to earn a living from playing full time but there is a lot of competition for just about any gig in the Simi Valley, California area.

dog from california
The one and only Frankie G!

That hasn’t stopped me though! I’m going to keep trying!

I recently booked a gig while taking my little dog to the veterinarian. Like I said, all I need is my dog and my guitar so when either aren’t acting right or seem sick I take it pretty seriously. Frankie G was acting like he had a bad cough. And as crazy as it sounds it was almost like he had a smoker’s cough. So I loaded up and we drove about 20 minutes to Park Animal Hospital where an awesome veterinarian by the name of Dr. Susan gave Frankie a smokers cough shot.

Boom! Less than 24 hours later the cough was gone. But the best part? I spoke with the receptionist about what I do (shred on the guitar) and she said she was having a massive house party/ going away party for her best friend and they wanted a live act.

Do I do house parties?

Heck yeah I do house parties.

That just goes to show- don’t be shy and share your passion with everyone you meet because you never know who it will touch and how it will turn out but I can bet it will be good.

And that’s what this site is all about.

Sharing my passion.